Monday, June 2, 2008

Wishing to be a Genie

Although I may not fit inside a bottle (so obvious if you know me), I just suddenly wished that I was a genie. I like the idea of making a person's wish come into a reality. And much more that I am wanting to be one because the wisher is someone that I love, my husband.

During our conversations, I noticed that he would always mention about PSP, and when I asked him if he would like to buy one, he said "No" without looking into my eyes. So I know that he is just saying No but deep down inside him, he wants to have one. He knows that we are currently financially struggling since we currently have a loan in Pag-ibig. I adore him for always knowing our priorities but it somehow breaks my heart for I know those are some of the simple things that would really make him happy. And of course as his partner and if only I can afford to buy it now, I will really do.

I know that God will always provide for our needs but He would provide for our wants in his time. So I am still waiting for the right timing.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On Working Abroad

Singapore is a hot topic here in our work. When we hear people resigning, the reason would be because they will be going to Singapore. What the heck is with this Singapore craze anyway? (Although I know most of the people here are no longer enticed with the so called Call Center or BPO world). So I used my hands, keyboard and Google. This led me to the PinoySG site where I found different links of Singapore Salary Guide.

Singapore Salary Guide 2007

Robert Walters - Slightly older but still worth checking out - conducts regular surveys of salaries per country and profession

Jobstreet Salary Report

Contactsingapore Salary per Profession


Now I know where these people are getting their motivation from. And I understand that it really is worthy of the risk that you will take.

And why am I so concerned about this? Well, my husband is currently looking into that direction, meaning he is thinking of working abroad. When he asked me about it, I told him that it's up to him because I really don't know how to respond to him. My heart is telling me to say "No" but my mind (and stomach) says "Yes." I know how it feels to be apart from him because he used to work in Batangas. It breaks my heart and I am always worried about him. And that is the reason why I asked him to look for a job here in Pampanga, so that he can be with us all the time.

I know it will be very difficult for all of us but I told him that even if he will work abroad, it shouldn't be forever. And we are really praying for it, if it is God's will for us to make that sacrifice for our daughter, then we will do it. But honestly, I don't want to think about that day when God will grant our prayers because it'll be a dramatic day for me, which I know will last for weeks, months, years.

I really dont want to think about it coz it brings tears in my eyes, even while I am just writing about it. But I know that there is always sunshine after the rain so happiness is next after those tears. Because that is all I want for my family, happiness.

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A Mother's Pride

My friend Arlene and I were talking about life, coz right now she and her husband are both working on having a baby. I told her that there are a lot of sacrifices in planning to have a baby, while conceiving a baby and even after giving birth. But once you get to see your baby, you will easily forget all those sacrifices. It's true, nothing beats the happiness that you will feel when you have a baby. And that is why, no matter what, you will always fight for you baby, you will always adore your baby and you will always be proud of him/her. True enough that my motherhood was tested a few days back. I dont want to elaborate things here but I really got hurt when someone indirectly said negative things about my baby (well that is my interpretation). My natural reaction was to indirectly defend her of course. And that is how I realized that I am very lucky to have her as my daughter and I am really proud of her because...

She is so talented that she knows how to sing tagalog and english nursery rhymes (such as "Tong, Tong, Tong," "Bahay Kubo," "Ako ay may lobo," "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "Rain Rain Go Away," "Are you sleeping?" and "I have two hands") The Alphabet Song and count from 1 to 12. And she is only 2 and half years old. She even recorded a song in the site which I have saved privately.

She brings so much joy in my family like when we have get together on special occassion she would always sing and dance for them. And then my sisters and brothers would give her some candies and at times she would have 20 pesos in her pocket. At her age, I think she can bring home the bacon (just kidding...hehehe)

She is so sweet that she would even say "I love you" unexpectedly. Lately, she is saying those words in tagalog "Mahal mahal kita Mama." I think she learned that phrase from the telenovelas that my mother in law and niece were watching during the afternoon.

She knows how to use to mouse, move it around, place the pointer in the correct location and left click. Thus, she can now play Cake Mania, Dora's "Say it Two Ways," and Blues Clues' "Use Your Imagination."

She learned how to ride a bike at age 2 and she even use our big three-wheeler bike now while we stroll inside our subdivision.

She no longer wear diapers during daytime. Thanks to Ate Jenny for helping us train our little kiddo. Hopefully we can teach her how not to peepee during nighttime. But I guess that would be another challenge for us.

She also knows how to swim on her own (with a life vest of course). She is so brave that she would even take a slide into swimming pool or jump into the pool all by herself. I know that is kinda dangerous so what I do is just to be near her when she does her swimming tricks. Coz she doesnt want you holding her when she is trying some new things. And we are giving her some independence so she can learn things on her own.

She knows how to make friends to strangers specially to kids. She will start a conversation by simply saying "Hi!" Would you believe that a lot of people in our subdivision know her and those people doesn't even know us (as her parent).

I know she has imperfections, but those imperfections are becoming my strengths because that is when my parenthood is being tested. Whenever she acts in a not so normal way, my patience is tested. Whenever she reacts negatively to what I say, my love for her is being tested. And I would just then think of what my sisters would always say "Hey she is just a kid and that's normal. Just let her enjoy life and be there to guide her."

Because whatever happened the whole day, when we go to bed, me and my husband would always tell her "I love you baby" and she would then respond "I love you, Mama," "I love you, Papa."

And that is what matter's most, our love for each other.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Buri cu mung mag blog kapampangan, pasensya na nung ali yu man antindyan. Ngening trenta (30) na cu, aisip cu mu dacal na cu dapat ipasalamat quing biye cu. Atin cung malugud a asawa, malagu at macagigil a anac at macatucnang na cami rin queng sarili ming bale. Nanu pa waring anyawaran cu. Nyang misip ku, sabi cu, nung para cacu mu ing isipan cu, ala na siguru (nung ali sana payat na cu hahaha), pero anyang inisip que ing anac cu, uyta carin cu la ayalala na dacal cu pa dapat anyawaran uling dacal cu buring abiye kaya. Dacal kami planu ampong pangarap ning abe ku para kaya. Kaya ita namu ing winish ku anyang sinimba kaming abac abe ke ing katwangan cu (uling sabe ing aldo kapanganakan mi), ing asawa cu, anac ampo ing paunacan cu na abe mi queng bale.

Cayari ning misa, diniretsu na cami queng plengqui abe que ing paunacan cu, cabang minta la Jollibee ing anac, asawa at catwangan cu. (Eque pweding tuqui ing malati king plengqui nung ali, lumbat cami mu. Pro atin macatulang ecsena nyang minsang tiqui que plengqui...dinalan cami cretang mag-aasan, cabira iquit no reng tugac, nilapit yang bagya at sabi na "yuck! mama, yuck yuck!!!" cayarti na rugo. Pero balu cu metacutan ya din uling ena no buring lapitan caybat na nita.) Cauli mi, tambing cu nang inatchu deng ilutu. Sinadya mi la deng dederang a liempo ampo pusit na atin palaman pati na reng tilapia. Map namu atchu ya ing metung cung bayo at sinopan na cami queng pamamalaman kareng ampo pamamalot kareng iderang. Caibat mengan na cami ban canita macapaglutu na cu din. Deni reng niluto cu ampo ditac a litratu:

(ini ing paborito da ding bisita mi ampo syempre ning asawa cu =)



oyni ing keyk mi

o ginette ika wari mag birthday nak? hehehe

deni reng pamilya cu: i Ima cu, capatad cu pati na ring asawa ampo anac da pa

deni reng capatad na ning asawa cu ampo reng asawa't anac da, pati na ing catwangan cu

ini samut samut na

Basta masaya ing aldo a ita uling achu la ngan halus deng taung importati cacu... deng lulugud ampo luluguran ku... deng inspirasyun cu... Salamat quecongan!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Favorite Birthday Gift

Yesterday at 6:00AM my daughter moved closer to me and tried to get my attention by saying "Mama, mama." And when I looked at her, she simply said "I love you!" Afterwhich, I looked into my husband and saw that he is still sleeping. That means so he did not coach our daughter to utter those words. So I kissed my daughter and said "I love you too!"

That was the first and nicest birthday gift I ever received.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sacrament of Matrimony

Last saturday, we attended one of our friends' wedding. I remembered the sermon to the newly weds (and to other couples too including us). The priest said that couples would only need to remember 3 C's in marriage and that is : Communication, Committed Love and Christ. I definitely agree with the priest. Let me tell you why.

I remember when we were on our first year of marriage, I have a hard time expressing my feelings with my husband. When I am angry, I just decided to keep my mouth shut and let the pain subside. But I guess, the pain remained in my heart coz everytime we have disagreements, I would always remember what happen in the past and suddenly, I will not talk to him anymore. So he told me once, "why dont you tell me what 's wrong? Hindi ko naman nababasa ang laman ng utak mo (I cant read what's on your mind)." Well, he has a point, he deserves some explanation and if I really want to make this marriage work, then I need to tell him everything. And that is also the reason why marriage is also considered as a partnership. Well, now, we talk about everything and anything...our wildest dreams, failures, heartaches, finances and so on and so forth. My list will be endless. But the gist is kahit ano. May it be good or bad, big or small, sweet nothings, just share thoughts and feelings with each other.

Committed Love
Why would you marry a person in the first place? It's because of your love for him or her and that you are willing to commit yourself for the rest of your life with that special someone. Your Wedding day will be the start of your commitment (But for others, I guess it even started way before marriage, just like us). Let me remind myself of what I told my husband during our wedding day:

"Grant us o Lord To be one heart and one soul From this day forward For better or for worse For richer or for poorer In sickness and in health Til death do us part. Amen"

I would not say that when you put God as the center of your relationship, everything will be alright. Of course, there would always be disagreements and temptation. There would always be bad days. But if you have God in your relationship, you will know how to handle such unfortunate and undesirable events in your life.

And I just would like to add a simple yet effective act that you can do everyday to keep that love alive. Never fail to Say "I Love you" everyday. (I love you babe!)

So now its your turn to tell me how do you maintain that loving relationship with your partners?

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

8 Random Facts about Ginette

I just got tagged by Jo aka AiDiSan (our ever bubbly and funny officemate & friend). So here are 8 random facts about my little angel:

1. She had her first tooth when she was 4 months old.
2. She adores Winnie the Pooh.
3. "Bahay kubo" was the first song she learn to sing when she was two years old.
4. Ginette is a great dancer!
5. She likes the movie "Ice Age" (and she even knows some of the lines).
6. She will always cry if Mama and/or Papa would say "Goodbye" to her.
7. Ginette is what I call an "independent baby" and loves mingling with other kids (like in the parties and at the park).
8. If Ginette dislikes you she would say "Go Away" and "I Hate You" in front of you.

That's about it!

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